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eating whale meat at the byron bay lighthouse
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Byron Bay progress update
Talks with authorities regarding premises on the lighthouse property are progressing and we are very pleased with the amenities on offer. The site will not have the capacity for an especially large restaurant; however, we do expect a fast table turnover, so noone will miss out.
We are hopeful that either of the politicians Mr Peter Garrett AM, or Mr Malcolm Turnbull will be available to officiate at the opening later this year. We have a preference for Mr Garrett given his entertainment value, though we are waiting to hear from Mr Turnbull regarding any special abilities he might have to offer the evening.

Whalo-king in the media
Both the Byron Shire Echo and the Gold Coast Bulletin spoke with Byron Bay representative Mavis V Anthony last week. Mrs Anthony, who has been ill with swine flu since her recent return from Tokyo, reports that journalists from both newspapers were most congenial and more pleasant than usual. Reports; however, that Whalo-king is not sincere, are unfounded.

Tokyo restaurant keeps 5 star Michelin Rating despite protests by rivals
Rival sushi vendor Mojotoyo, with only a 3 star rating, complained to Michelin authorities about Whalo-king’s 5 star rating. We are pleased to confirm that Michelin inspectors were more than happy to affirm their prior wisdom.

Mavis chuffed by local and international feedback

Despite being stricken by swine flu, Whalo-king Byron Bay representative Mrs Mavis Anthony said she is "Chuffed and buoyed-up" by the encouragement people have given plans to establish Australia's first Whalo-king restaurant in Byron Bay, the country's most easterly point.
Speaking through a mask she said, "Whalo-king is a very go-ahead company with a realistic attitude to taking care of the environment that must be the envy of many fast-food establishments the world over."
"To be frank the proposal to open Australia's first whale-meat sushi restaurant at Byron Bay does have detractors, but support has been very encouraging from all over the world. Do you think I'm going to be deterred by a handful of tree-hugging ratbags?"
Mrs Anthony likened support for Whalo-king to that received in the local area for the Repco Rally in which rally cars will travel at high speeds through high conservation value areas.
"There's an old saying my late mother used to say, 'You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.' "
If people want to enjoy the taste, heath benefits and environmental benefits from eating low carbon footprint, sustainably harvested whale-meat, a little blood must be spilt," Mrs Anthony added.


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The lighthouse comes alive to the dulcet tones of an important Australian singer accompanied by a flotilla of realistic looking inflatable whales as the sun goes down on the 22nd, celebrating Australia's first Whalo-king restaurant. This is a black tie, invitation event, so keep an eye on your mailbox.




















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