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An exciting new seafood experience comes to Byron Bay

The world’s leading sushi restaurant Whalo-king is coming to Byron Bay.

Whalo-king’s Byron Bay representative Mavis Anthony said the international seafood chain is expecting a warm welcome.

“Byron Bay is known world-wide for its laid back, friendly people and we expect a Byron style welcome when we open later in 2009,” Mrs Anthony said.

Whalo-king products with their unique flavour and nutritional benefits have delighted Japanese people since 1913.

Although Whalo-king exports its unique products in cans all over the world, the Byron Bay Whalo-king will be the chain’s first fresh food outlet outside Japan and the flagship for several similar restaurants planned for Australia.

All Whalo-king products are environmentally responsible, have a low carbon footprint and the highest nutritional value.

In Japan, Whalo-king is committed to serving the community and this commitment will be reflected in Whalo-king’s community engagement locally.

“Our company believes in supporting the communities that support us and our involvement with community groups in the Byron Shire will grow over time. We expect Whalo-king to be as popular with local people as those who visit our lovely area,” Mrs Anthony said.


About Whalo-king

 Our corporation is guided by the philosophy of Kaizen - continuous improvement. Whalo-king respects people and the environment. We want to make the highest quality and most economic nutrition and useful by-products available to everyone on a planet with limited resources.
Born in the conflict of the Russo-Japanese war and forged by world events of the Twentieth Century, Whalo-king has at its heart the value of steady growth guided by civilization and enlightenment.
The sensible management of resources includes using technology for sustainable salvage and harvest. Whalo-in-Viva™ technology has been developed by Whalo-king in conjunction with university experts to optimise available resources humanely.
Always at the forefront of product innovation, Whalo-king launched the Vego-Whalo Organic™ range in 1996 to reduce reliance on harvested and salvaged resources. “It Tastes Just Like the Real Thing.”
Whalo-king is now a trans-national corporation backed by investors in Japan, Norway, Monaco, Gabon, Guinea-Bissau and Australia.


Whalo-king and the community

To be rooted in the community was the philosophy of Whalo-king's founder Colonel Okada and is alive today in Whalo-king's outstanding community partnerships.

As sponsor of the Nagasaki Mermaids, Japan’s hottest synchronised whale swimmers, Whalo-king supports aquatic artists and makes it possible for disadvantaged youngsters to experience the joy of swimming with whales, cheered by an appreciative public.
Whalo-king is a proud sponsor of cetacean research and is working with leading researchers to perfect the sustainable extraction of this valuable resource from living whales using
Whalo-in- Viva™
extraction technology.

A little boy's dying wish comes true

Five-year-old Nagasaki boy, Hideki Ikebana's last wish came true thanks to Whalo-king. When President Motoya Okada learnt that this little boy, stricken with a fatal disease, expressed a dying wish to swim in the company of whales Okada wasted no time. He made sure that little Hideki's wish was granted! Just in time the boy was able to swim with the Nagasaki Mermaids and be close to the majestic creatures he loved.


Whalo-king and the environment

Cutting edge Whalo-in-Viva™ technology uses the same action as a predator's teeth.
The process is painless for the whale as the cutting action releases natural pain killing endorphins


Whalo-king is guided by the ancient Kojiki text from 8th Century Japan: “There's nothing to throw away from a whale except its voice.” So everything is used. As well as the life-giving meat, Whalo-king encourages the manufacture of cosmetics, clothing, wetsuits, shoes, leotards and even furniture from whales.

Whalo-king inspectors assess a beached whale carcass in Tasmania, Australia. If the eyelids of the whale are open, this is usually the sign of a good salvage opportunity.

Endorsing sustainable ocean resource harvesting,
Whalo-king also promotes the salvage of still wholesome meat from beached whales.
With Whalo-king involvement, research is underway to perfect a process to harvest precious meat from live whales.
Whalo-in Viva™ (see above) is painless and natural and promotes the whale's physiologies by encouraging new growth. It is just like cutting human hair or fingernails in it regenerative effect.

Whalo-king would like to establish research synergies with Tasmanian Government and wood-chipping partners. All Whalo-king chopsticks come from renewable forest.


Whalo-king sushi and party delights

As mammals humans rely on nutrition from many sources. The largest mammal provides us with a nutritious food low in saturated fat and a good source of phosphorous and zinc and a very good source of protein, niacin and vitamin B12. A typical beluga steak is high in cholesterol yet has a mildly anti-inflammatory effect and is 0 on the glycaemic index!

Sumptuous and silken, Whalo-king’s Vego-Whalo Ice Cream has the flavour your taste buds demand with a texture that’ll have
you salivating...
again and again.


Vego-whalo organic
Some say it tastes even better than the real thing. Developed after years of painstaking research. All the taste and nutrition of the real thing without eating flesh. A guaranteed source of nutritious and delicious sushi.

Savour a super range of fun & healthy bite sized snacks that’ll have your guests begging for more


Our top selling sushi, Humpo with its chewy texture has all the full-bodied flavour and goodness you’d expect from Whalo-king.

Humpo sushi comes from salvaged and harvested Hump Backs.


Sushi that’s just right for everyone, not too strong and with a flavour all of its own.

Righto sushi comes from salvaged and harvested Rights.


Try a little luxury. The finest Whalo-king sushi, loved by our customers since 1905.

(*Subject to availability – stocks can be in short supply)


High in zinc. You will love the fine texture and delicate flavour of Spermo sushi.

Spermo sushi comes exclusively from salvaged and harvested Spermi.



Whales, seals, dogs, mammals we are all related

Enjoy a delicious, Whalo-dog™ today*

*Made from 100% synthetic and reconstituted extruded fibre. Contains less than 97.5% fat.


Whalo-king History

Whalo-king has a proud history of healthy, clean, nutritious seafood product ever since 1905. Founder, Colonel Ichiro Okada fortified his troops with nutritious beluga steaks during the Russo-Japanese conflict.  In the peaceful time before the Great War, Colonel Okada established a simple sushi stand in Tokyo. The quality of its seafood was legend and before long the leading families of Japan were its patrons.

In the 1930s as Imperial Japan grew in influence, the Colonel’s son, Takashi adapted Norwegian whale meat canning technology.  An honorary Aryan, Takashi was frequent visitor to Berlin. Germany’s vegetarian leader recognised the nutritional value of this unique meat and Takashi was awarded the Eiserne Kreuz (Second Class) for his services.  Well known for helping solve post WW2 food shortages in Japan, Takashi became a hero in his homeland too.  Even then, his sights were set firmly on the success of Australia’s whaling industry.  In 1951 the company opened its second outlet in Nagasaki.

Colonel Okada’s presence is still alive. Whalo-king is lead by Okada’s sometimes controversial grandson, Motoya who in 1996 created vegetarian whale meat.  It is Motoya’s vision to fulfil his late grandfather’s and father’s dreams of establishing a Whalo-king outlet in Australia at Byron Bay. For this Motoya has attracted considerable investment interest and wide community support. 

Whalo-king is a prosperous multi-level, trans-national corporation. Its shareholders are drawn from many nations including Japan, Norway and Australia, where investors include ethical superannuation investment funds.


Whalo-king shop

Whalo-king is guided by the ancient Kojiki text from 8th Century Japan: “There's nothing to throw away from a whale except its voice.” So everything is used. As well as the life-giving meat, Whalo-king encourages the manufacture of cosmetics, clothing, wetsuits, shoes, leotards and even furniture from whales.

Swimwear, home decor, furniture, shoes, dancewear, casualwear and games.

Created by leading dancers and fashion designers, Whalo-skin leotards have superior stretch, excellent moisture control and super styling. Whether flouncing or flaunting, Whalo-skin leotards will have you covered in all the right places.

Whalo-home furniture coverings are coloured using organic dyes and bleaches.

Having more strength than reinforced steel, bone is the structural choice for today's furniture designers. Bones are bleached then powdered and mixed with gelatin by-product for advanced particle adhesion. Structurally, the furniture is stronger than aluminium and safer for the environment. Chairs are guaranteed against breakage for life.

Using exclusive plant based inks, shoes are coloured, then embossed and sewn by hand. Patent finishes have superior gloss and longevity.

Whalo-shoes will last a lifetime.

Whalo-gaming chips, dice and dominoes grace the tables of many of the world's finest casinos and domino parlours and they are prized for their ornamental value

Dehydrated whale epidermis has a 0 water to suit resitance rating which decreases the longer the suit is in the water, this is 3 times that of the synthetic shark skin suits favoured by many countries at the Beijing Olympics. Research has shown that the suits are best soaked for 3-4 hours before use to activate cetacean collagen spheres providing micro bonds between
the skin and suit

Whalo-swim is simply the best

100% plantation grown cotton / bamboo

Whale bone ash produces a 78% translucent clay when fired at correct temperatures. The delicate paste is coveted by ceramic artists across the globe.


Free school project material

Whale meat has been the staple diet of many nations for centuries. Whales are enormous and one whale can feed 3000 people for a week. The energy expended in harvesting one whale is less than that used to cultivate and harvest 50 pigs.
Whalo-king, the world’s largest user of whale product, has an impeccable environmental record and is well regarded as a carbon neutral company. Every single piece of the harvested whale is used so there is no waste whatsoever. Whalo-king has been awarded many times for innovation in manufacture. In 1998, Whalo-king won accolades for its Heads up for the Homeless programme where 15 000 homeless people in 18 developed nations were sustained on a diet of whale head stock developed in conjunction with leading scientists - the programme is still run in the US, Australia, Canada and the UK. Whale head stock is a nutrient rich liquid, 50ml will support the nutritional needs of an adult human for 24 hours.


Win prizes with whalo-king

Win your very own Whalo-Skin Princess Leotard. Tell us in 30 words or less why Whalo-king is your favourite. Simply email your entry to Be sure to include your name, age and postal address.

You could have the time of your life aboard cetacean scientific research vessel M.V. Minke Maru as it carries out its important work in the Southern Ocean. See for yourself the value of cetacean research.
Fifteen day passages twin share ex-Hobart aboard the M.V.Minke Maru cost less than you'd think. For more information and a schedule of fares and departure dates email


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Whale reproduction

Both male and female killer whales are promiscuous and will attempt to unite with other species. This behaviour has had a marked effect on whale populations in recent times.

Whales will often mate for life, though some species are promiscuous, most notably the killer whale which has been known to attempt union with dolphins and sea snakes and even humans when kept in capitivity.
The female killer whale has a long pendulous CLICK for more information



You will need:

2 slices
processed cheese
2 slices bread
butter for spreading
2 slices
uncooked whale
salt & pepper
to taste

How to make it:

You will need to use a griller.
Grill one side of the bread until golden then spread with a thin layer of butter. Top with whale meat and cheese and place back under the griller until the cheese is bubbling. Season with salt and pepper to taste and eat while still warm. Yum!


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